Talk Show “Interior Pathways”

A piece of furniture cannot lead a fulfilled life solely through the solitary journey of its designer. Along this journey, there are always points of intersection that provide us with opportunities to meet fellow companions. They can be anyone: furniture manufacturing managers, media experts, architects, art activists… Regardless of their different starting points and even destinations, we believe that the convergence of “Interior Pathways” has the potential to somehow instill a sense of trust and belief in young design enthusiasts, startup teams, and those who love beauty.

Through this small event, we hope that someday a “grand boulevard” will open up for all of us to walk together… a journey that stretches far!

Diễn giả tham gia:

  • Anh Nguyễn Trọng Hiếu (Truong Thanh Furniture Corporation)
  • Chị Nguyễn Phan Thuỳ Dương (Elle Decoration Vietnam)
  • NTK. Vũ Hoàng Phát (AREUS Atelier)
  • KTS. Phạm Nhân Thọ (atelier tho.A và S.Norm)
  • Anh Nguyễn Việt Triều (Mây Artspace)