When visiting the Medium Gallery, you will come across the Mantis furniture collection by S.norm, which gracefully resides, exuding its function of enhancing the charm of the space. Through the open and liberating gaps between the intricately carved wooden bars, with sturdy and flexible joints, Mantis invites in the expansive beauty of sunlight onto the floor, creating a simple and inclusive picture that has the power to cleanse your mind from 1001 thoughts and take you away from the present moment.

As you take a few steps up to the rooftop, the Blue Chair – an iconic symbol of our “daydreaming” spirit – will naturally evoke a sense of weightlessness amidst the blue sky, activating dormant dreams and enabling them to soar freely beyond boundaries.

Nếu yêu “chiếc vibe” này, đừng ngại ngần nhắn tin riêng tư với S.norm nhé!