As an established business in the ceramic market in Saigon, Yen Lam’s strength lies in its novel approach to the art of ceramics—a traditional craft in Binh Duong, with a particular emphasis on handcrafted pottery. The youthful and daring mindset in design thinking, as well as the direction of development pursued by Yen Lam, are the captivating factors that attract SNORM.

The A Furniture Fair 2022 (AFF 2022) serves as a platform where the two brands converge, finding common ground in our collaborative journey to create designs that embody the spirit of contemporary Vietnam.


With 15 years of experience in interior design and furniture manufacturing, TOKO’s strength lies in their ability to meticulously research, develop, and create flawless products, paying close attention to every detail, especially those involving woodwork.

Since 2018, TOKO and SNORM have embarked on a collaborative partnership in product development and manufacturing. The harmonious collaboration between both parties has laid the foundation for creating a significant portion of the designs featured in the “Mưa 2021” and “Nắng 2022” collections, with promising prospects for future distinctive collections that continue to meet market demands.


PT&T WOOD is a well-established brand in the Vietnamese furniture market, specializing in high-quality engineered wood products used in buildings. SNORM is honored to be a partner of PT&T WOOD starting from 2022, marked by the “Mùa 0” Exhibition – SNORM’s inaugural solo exhibition. The products showcased in the event, belonging to the “Nắng 2022” collection, were all manufactured by PT&T WOOD.

In the future, PT&T WOOD will continue to accompany SNORM in creating new collections, contributing to the production of beautiful and high-quality products that meet market demands.


ACACIA is a company with nearly thirty years of experience in the production, import, and supply of fabrics, firmly establishing its position in the Vietnamese and global markets. Moreover, ACACIA is currently a pioneering company in the segment of environmentally friendly, recycled fabrics.

The year 2022 marked the collaboration between SNORM and ACACIA through the “Mùa 0” Exhibition – SNORM’s first exhibition. Not stopping there, the two entities continued to deepen their collaboration in the HAWA EXPO 2023 and VIFA EXPO 2023 events.

In the future, with SNORM’s expanded design focus on mattress-related products, the collaboration between the two entities promises to become even more robust, working together to create impressive and high-quality furniture pieces. .