Project: Biesdorf Villa

Location: Da Lat, Vietnam

Design: Atelier tho.A

Year built: 2021

Blue Chair, or commonly known as the Ghế Xanh, is an outdoor seating designed specifically for the special yard corner, constructed with stone. The stone material dictated the form and technique during our design process, with prominent grooves and large cross-sections of the selected wooden bars. When assembled, the chair clearly showcases the structural nature of its robust components, enabling it to withstand the weight of the stone courtyard.

The homeowner named the courtyard “Greek Courtyard”, and therefore, he wanted us to find the blue shade of the Greek sea to paint the chair. Sitting on the Greek sea blue chair, gazing at the blue sky of Da Lat, will surely evoke an interesting imagination and feeling.

Design with Snorm sometimes doesn’t solely come from the designers themselves; it originates from the courtyard, from the pre-existing naming, and perhaps from various other sources of emotion beyond mere strokes of a drawing. The Blue Chair is a case in point.