Project: Apartment Renovation

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Design: TD Solution

Year built: 2023

With the goal of renovating an apartment for an introverted client, the design team proactively opted for a subdued color palette for the space. However, this choice did not make everything gloomy; instead, it exuded a youthful and distinctively modern ambiance. The exquisite selection of furniture played a significant role in creating this atmosphere.

The seemingly contrasting shapes and materials of the items, when arranged together within a shared space, harmoniously blend in a captivating and intriguing manner.

The Alien chair by SNORM, initially appearing somewhat “demanding,” now becomes remarkably harmonious when placed alongside other objects. This also provides SNORM with a fresh perspective on the Alien chair and opens up new approaches for our future designs.

It was indeed an honor for the chair to have the opportunity to be featured in the September issue of ELLE DECORATION magazine.